The story of the Windmill



The renovation of the Moulin

Renovating the windmill of Courrensan is first and foremost a life's journey, a return to the roots and to nature. We are from Condom and lived in Pyrénées-Orientales. And then in 1999, our lives changed. We spent a few days vacationing in the Gers and were awed by a genuine windmill in ruins located between Vic Fezensac and Gondrin. We immediately agreed to purchase it. We restored the windmill and transformed the place into a beautiful green setting.

A lifestyle and an expertise

En plein air

We advocate for natural things as we want to stay true and in harmony with our philosophy, which is to guide nature, not alter it. And so we are collecting rainwater for our watering needs. Our fruits, vegetables and poultry are farmed in a completely self-sufficient way.

French countryside is obviously synonymous with fine meal. It is thus only natural that we offer many local country products to our customers. Our main specialties are fat duck and foie gras in all its forms.

Gers gastronomy

Cookery is a big passion of ours, and most of our gastronomic products come from our own farm. We have a one hectare orchard, a rich and varied kitchen garden, and we pride in sharing the delights of fresh and healthy food with our customers.

Jams, stewed fruits, prunes, dried figs, vegetable and fruits preserves, as well as our mint syrup: all of them are homemade, and we go to great lengths to make them.

Gastronomie du GersGastronomie du GersGastronomie du Gers

The "appellation Espellette" chilli is another distinct feature of the Moulin de Courrensan gastronomy. We grow it entirely, harvest it and prepare the chilli powder that will then be used to bring out and season our dried duck breast.  
The Moulin guests will savour our foie gras and all of our duck-related products. Everything here is authentic, as authenticity and conviviality are the core values at Moulin de Courrensan…


Gastronomie du GersGastronomie du GersGastronomie du Gers

Gastronomie du GersGastronomie du GersGastronomie du Gers